Modification of Agreements Attorney in Salem, Massachusetts

Modifications Of Existing Orders After A Divorce

Our attorneys work to help our clients through the divorce process. We also understand that circumstances can change after your divorce is final. Under specific circumstances, these court-ordered agreements can be changed, or may be modified.

How to Make Changes to Court-Ordered Agreements

To qualify for a modification of a court-ordered agreement, you or your ex-spouse must experience a material and substantial change in circumstances. Changes can include a decrease in income, an increase in children’s expenses and the children spending more time with one parent than the other.

We have more than 15 years of experience helping clients seek modifications due to their own situations or due to a change in their ex-spouse’s circumstances. We can discuss your concerns and review your current parenting plan to see if modifications are feasible. We can help with modifications to:

Latest Modification Guidelines

In August 2013, the state adopted new child support modification guidelines. These guidelines can be confusing. It is important that you consult our attorney to discuss your concerns and determine the best course of action.


We understand how family issues can create tense, stressful dynamics. We can bring in a Guardian Ad Litem to help investigate conflicting family dynamics.

These specialists conduct investigation on behalf of the court, and in the best interests of the children. During a modification hearing, the Guardian Ad Litem would make recommendations based on their investigation.

Emergency Motions

Our Salem law firm is dedicated to providing advocacy in the best interest of clients’ children. If you believe your child custody arrangement puts your children in immediate harm, we can file an Emergency Motion. Typically, the court would grant immediate temporary relief. Then, a new court date would be issued for all parties to attend.

We have represented clients on both sides of these motions. We understand your concerns and desire to keep your children safe.

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