Attorney Joseph Lamb

Attorney Joseph F. Lamb brings a wealth of practical, real-world experience to his law practice. Attorney Lamb has a strong law enforcement background, coupled with management experience with a global investigation and security firm. Attorney lamb has conducted and supervised a wide array of investigations, from criminal matters and civil litigation support, to international corporate espionage and intellectual property theft. The investigative skills and experience Attorney Lamb acquired over decades applies directly to the thorough and efficient manner in which all legal matters are handled at Lamb and Lamb, P.C. A thorough investigation of the facts and circumstances is at the heart of every case we handle; whether it is a personal injury claim, complex car accident injury, workers’ compensation claim, asset seizure on execution, or a firearms license denial. At Lamb and Lamb, P.C., you are a client, not a case number.

Ancillary Businesses

  • Commercial and Business Collections
  • Firearms Law and Licensing
  • Contract Review