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Contrary to what many people may think, it is never too early to start preparing for your family’s financial future. Whether you are just beginning your career, starting a family, or entering your golden years to enjoy your retirement, it is always the right time to begin taking steps to ensure your wishes regarding your estate and assets are followed and your loved ones are cared for when you pass away.

At Lamb and Lamb, P.C., we have a full understanding of every aspect of estate planning and can not only explain your different options but also work with you to come up with a detailed estate plan that is right for you. Our goal is to create a plan that is tailored to suit your specific financial circumstances and prioritizes your goals for the future.

We provide estate planning services to individuals and families throughout the greater Salem, Massachusetts area, as well as Peabody, Danvers, and Marblehead, Massachusetts. Call us today to get the process started with a free consultation.

Estate Planning Overview

There are a variety of ways to go about setting up an estate plan. Legal documentation can be drafted to clearly dictate your wishes in regard to your physical assets, your finances, the allocation of your belongings in the event of your death, as well as options to appoint people to oversee your estate or have power of attorney over your affairs if you are unable to make decisions on your own.

With an estate plan in place, you can move forward in your life with peace of mind, enjoy your time with your family, and save your loved ones added stress and confusion when you are gone. You can breathe more easily with the burden off of your shoulders when you trust your estate plan to knowledgeable attorneys.

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Estate Planning Tools

Common estate planning documentation can be drafted to put your wishes in writing. Each estate planning tool serves a specific role and can be very beneficial as a part of a detailed plan for your assets. The legal documents created as part of your estate plan may include one or more of the following:

  • Will — A document clearly stipulating who will receive specific items from your estate when you pass away
  • Trust — Advanced documentation (taking place immediately, not after your death) to place specific property and assets in the care of an appointed individual (the trustee)
  • Powers of Attorney — A designation to appoint someone to have the authority to make financial or medical decisions on your behalf

These are only a few of the different strategies available to help you put a plan in place that can safeguard your assets today and clearly define how you want your estate allocated in the future.

The Benefits of Creating an Estate Plan

In the absence of an estate plan, there is greater potential for legal challenges and confusion among your family members if something happens to you. Rather than leave things up to be decided by someone else or in a courtroom, your best option is to take the appropriate steps now to establish an effective estate plan.

With an estate plan in place, you will not have to feel stress about how your affairs will be handled in your absence or whether your loved ones will be overwhelmed with the complication of having to deal with your estate matters when you are gone.

Why You Should Work With Experienced Attorneys

When you are looking to set up an estate plan to make official preparations for the future of your assets, it is in your best interest to turn to experienced estate planning attorneys for guidance. With attorneys by your side, you have a better chance of moving through the estate planning process smoothly while avoiding complications and potential obstacles along the way.

Our team at Lamb and Lamb, P.C. can meet with you to learn the details of your financial circumstances, explain in detail the estate planning services that are available to you, and help you put together an effective plan that will have you and your family prepared for a secure future.

Estate Planning Attorneys Serving Salem, Massachusetts

With more than two decades of experience, our team of estate planning attorneys at Lamb and Lamb, P.C. has the understanding and insight to explain the different estate planning tools that are available and work with you to put together an estate plan that meets your unique needs. Call our office in Salem, Massachusetts today to schedule a free consultation.