A Person, Not a Case Number

"Monique helped me through one of the worst times of my life. She was always looking out for my interests, she is very knowledgeable in her field, and she is completely genuine."


Excellent Child Support/Divorce Attorney

"Attorney Boucher-Lamb is thorough, resourceful, and a highly knowledgeable attorney. I hired her many years ago and we have worked together for the past eight years. She is professional, reliable, personable, and an overall fantastic attorney. I highly recommend her; she is fair and gets the job done."


Consummate Professional

"I had a fantastic experience with a very difficult time in my life. The divorce was hard for me, but Monique was the consummate professional. Without her guidance and support, I don't know how I would have made it through."

-Dawn M.

Fantastic Lawyer

"Monique is a fantastic lawyer. She expeditiously helped my husband and I pull together our estate papers. She was very helpful with any questions I had, and was extremely thorough."

-Jessica S.

An Expert Legal Professional

"Knowledgeable, articulate, and passionate attorney. Monique Boucher-Lamb is an expert legal professional who anyone would want on his/her side in a legal dispute. She represented me in a complicated dispute before a family court judge in Salem and won. I highly recommend her law office."

-Family Law Client

An Exceptional Divorce Attorney

"Attorney Lamb represented me in a complicated and nasty divorce case. She is a highly-motived and well-prepared professional lawyer. She was able to achieve a very favorable outcome to my divorce, exceeding my expectations."



"Monique Boucher-Lamb was recommended to me and was retained to represent me in my divorce. I was greatly impressed by her professionalism, expertise, and compassions, and highly-satisfied with the very positive disposition she achieved for me."


Compassionate and Understanding

"Attorney Monique Lamb handled my divorce in an efficient and professional manner. I would highly recommend her services. It was a difficult situation for me to go through and Attorney Lamb helped me stay calm along the way."


Clear and Honest Attorney

"I contacted Attorney Lamb about a legal custody issue I was having. I left a message and she was very prompt in her return phone call to me, which was a pleasant surprise to begin with based on my experiences with other legal counsel."


Super Family Law Attorney

"I went to Attorney Lamb in Salem, Massachusetts for a custody/visitation suit, which just ended with my desired outcome a few days ago. I could not be more satisfied with the job Ms. Lamb has done on behalf of myself and my children."


A+ Divorce Attorneys

"Lamb and Lamb is everything a law office should be. The attorneys are bright, responsible, and on time. When teeth are needed, teeth are shown. When compassion is needed, compassion is shown. I would give the firm an A+ all around. Keep up the GREAT work...and thanks!"


High-Quality Legal Representation

"I would highly-recommend Monique for representation for any legal matter. She represented me during my divorce and was great. Very easy to set up meetings with and always responsive to questions, putting my mind at ease throughout the difficult process."


Capable and Professional

"Attorney Boucher-Lamb was approachable, superbly-knowledgeable, and supremely-competent in every aspect of my case. Her experience with specific court officers proved invaluable."


Utmost Knowledge and Professionalism

"I have engaged Attorney Lamb several times over the course of the past six years and would go to no one else. Beyond the fact that every case has been a sucess and with some tough issues (custody, divorce), it's Attorney Lamb's confidence that makes the difference."


Exceptional Legal Services

"I have been with Monique Lamb for roughly 10 years now. I have not had an easy divorce. Monique was there and still continues to this day to be reliable, professional, courteous, knowledgeable, honest, and most of all, loyal."