High-Conflict Child Custody Attorney in Salem, Massachusetts

We Understand The Complexities Of High-Conflict Child Custody Cases

We understand the emotional and financial hardships associated with high-conflict child custody battles. These situations typically involve damaging accusations from one or both parents.  Our goal is to seek an amicable resolution either through trial or settlement.

Serious Conflicts and Custody Battles in Massachusetts

We have extensive experience handling high-conflict custody battles. We understand Massachusetts divorce law, and can leverage our litigation experience to seek a common ground, or resolution.

Our firm has experience dealing with common conflicts from both sides. We can discuss your concerns, review your parenting plan and decide on the best course of action. Typically, we see cases that involve serious accusations. These can include:

  • Physical or verbal abuse
  • Neglect
  • Drug abuse
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Inappropriate mental fitness of a parent

Usually in these situations, the court appoints a Guardian Ad Litem. These guardians are typically lawyers or psychologists who represent the best interest of the children during proceedings. They investigate custody conflicts and report their findings.

Alienation Issues

Unfortunately, divorce and custody issues can create feelings of alienation. You may believe your ex-spouse is conditioning your children to not want to see you. Or perhaps your ex-spouse is physically keeping a child from visiting you.

If your ex-spouse is violating your current custody order, we can file a complaint for contempt. We would represent your case in the contempt hearing, presenting evidence to support your claims. We also have extensive experience representing parents facing contempt charges.

Seeking Resolutions

Our goal as your attorney is to seek resolutions to high-conflict issues. We are committed to helping you make custody and visitation arrangements that are in the best interests of your minor children while protecting your rights as a parent. Whether you are being accused of wrongdoing or have been wronged, we can help you understand your legal options.

We can help you and your ex-spouse seek a common, reasonable parenting plan for the sake of your children. These plans would spell out in a detailed fashion each parent’s responsibilities and timelines. Every minor and major holiday would be defined, including summer and winter vacations.

Court Intervention

Many individuals are not aware that under state law, the court can switch custody when it feels it is warranted. If the court feels both parents are equally manipulative or responsible for abuse, the court can place your children in foster care. Our goal is to pursue resolution short of court intervention.

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