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Tag: Visitation

Parenting time/Visitation Schedules During The Covid-19 Crisis

By Attorney Monique Lamb – With the uncertainty of the current state of affairs the following is some general guidance regarding parenting time/visitation schedules during the Coronavirus pandemic. Clients are worried about not following the court orders regarding parenting time or visitation schedules during the current crisis. It is difficult to follow a court order when your parental instincts is to protect your child/children as much as possible and the news keeps telling you to keep your distance and stay home. That is in addition

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My son and daughter-in-law are divorcing. As a grandmother do I have visitation rights?

Grandparents do have legal rights, however, regarding visitation, may require a court order under Massachusetts law. In the event the grandparents and parents can come to an agreement regarding visitation, court intervention is not required. When no such agreement can be made, there are certain situations grandparents may be granted a court order allowing visitations. Under Massachusetts law, grandparents have the right to ask a court for visitation if the parents were married and then divorced; the parents are still married, but they live apart,

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Parenting Time and Visitation Agreements

When parents separate or divorce, children are often caught in the middle. Parents struggle over custody and scheduling parenting time. Each of the participants have rights when making these important decisions. It can’t be forgotten that any agreements involving children must be in the children’s best interest. Massachusetts courts have upheld this assumption. Couples have children both in and out of wedlock. Many of these relationships don’t last. Children need to continue to have a relationship with both parents despite the difficulties parents may have

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Divorce Includes Visits and Custody vs. Parenting time

Massachusetts courts are moving away from the custody and visitation model in favor of allotting parenting time. Historically, Massachusetts courts often awarded primary physical custody to one parent, who would have the children reside with them during the school week, with the other parent being awarded ‘visits’ with the children on weekends, holidays and school vacations. In some cases, courts would order that the parents have ‘shared’ physical custody, in which children’s time with each parent would be divided evenly – typically, either by alternating weeks, or

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Received Order For Unsupervised Parenting Time

Our client received order for unsupervised parenting time and order for significant support after hearing wherein it was alleged that the Client either abused alcohol or prescription medicines and the independent evidence did not support the allegations alleged by the other parent.

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