Surviving A Divorce Deposition

Law Office Of Lamb & Lamb, P.C. June 3, 2020

Even lengthy, contested divorces usually do not involve a deposition. However, there are exceptions to every rule and in the case of a deposition, this exception also applies. If things have become so contentious a trial is anticipated or, perhaps, there is a great deal of wealth at stake, a deposition will be used during the discovery process. Should you find yourself facing a deposition, rather than worry, follow these tips to get through it like a pro.

#1. Try to Relax

You are only going to be sworn in and asked questions. You are not going to be traumatized with a good cop/bad cop interrogation scenario for 20 hours straight. Calm down and take your seat for questioning. There is no need to fear.

#2. Listen

Anxiety is distracting. Distraction can cause you to hear a question but not actually understand it. Calm down, pay attention and listen. Don’t stop listening when you hear a key word or phrase. Form your answer after the entire question has been verbalized. Remain calm, hear everything, take your time to consider what was asked, then form the correct response.

#3. No Need To Study

A deposition is not a final exam. There is no need to study. Answer truthfully. That includes even answering, “I don’t know” if that is a truthful answer. There is no need to stay up late for a cram session. Relax and get a good night’s sleep.

#4. Clarify

It’s perfectly okay if you don’t understand the question. If something is unclear, it is not out of order to request clarification. Answering something incorrectly can hurt your case. Make certain you understand every question before answering

#5. Always Tell The Truth

In almost every case the truth will find you out. That means always tell the truth. If you give a false answer it will be very damaging to your credibility and your case. A good attorney will usually know the answers to the questions they are posing. So by all means, tell the truth.


In every stage of a divorce deposition the key to success is remaining calm. Although such advice is usually much easier given than practiced, they are still the words to live by where a deposition is concerned. For expert advice on all things related to family law, put yourself in the hands of experienced legal professionals.