Reasons To Have A Postnuptial Agreement

Law Office Of Lamb & Lamb, P.C. June 3, 2020

Though most people have heard about a prenuptial agreement, not many have heard about postnupital agreements. These agreements, also called post-marriage agreements, are exactly what they sound like. They are made by a couple after marriage.

Similar to prenuptial agreements, they are made to protect both parties in the event of divorce. These agreements spell out how everything will get divided if the marriage ends. Included should be information about, not only your assets, but also your debts.

Postnuptial agreements are also helpful if a couple wants to amend their prenuptial agreement. If one or both of the parties decide to start a business, they may want to amend it to ensure that their business is safe.

If children come into the family, many people decide to include them into their postnuptial agreement to make sure that they are going to be taken care of. It is also important to look over the agreement if a couple’s financial situation changes.

Postnuptial agreements can also be used to fix a couple’s problems. When a couple goes through counseling, they may want to either update their prenuptial agreement or start a postnuptial one. They should use this time to really discuss their wants and needs to help the marriage succeed.

Though they are not as common, postnuptial agreements can be quite helpful for a couple. There are many times when a couple may want to change their original agreement. They may also go through some changes and want to update it. Many couples use postnuptial agreements to try to fix their problems.

If you have questions about prenuptial or postnuptial agreements in Massachusetts, please call our office and speak with an experienced family law attorney to learn your rights and your options.