Flexibility And Communication During Your Divorce Process

Law Office Of Lamb & Lamb, P.C. June 3, 2020

When you go through a divorce, it will be one of the most difficult and trying times in your life. When you have children involved, it makes the situation much worse. It’s in everyone’s best interest to try to get through the divorce process without conflict, so that everyone involved can move on with their lives, and that your children can adjust to their new normal. Here, we’ll provide you with some tips on how to avoid conflict while settling the terms of your divorce.


Your main goal is to build a stable and healthy lifestyle for your child, so both parents must remain flexible. If parenting time has to be adjusted to accommodate an unexpected business trip, allow that change to happen. If you want to see your child on a day he is scheduled to be with his father, work out a deal where you can swap days. Working together will allow stability to remain a part of your child’s life.

Communication and Reassurance

Lack of communication is one of the biggest mistakes parents make when divorcing. You need to reassure your child that, while his parents are breaking up, it does not mean they love their children any less. Children need to be told that the divorce is not their fault. But, don’t provide your child with too much information. They don’t need a play-by-play of the reason why their parents are divorcing. And keep in mind that your children should not witness any malicious behavior on the part of his parents.

The court looks at the entire situation and works to ensure the best interests of the child. As a parent, that’s what you should be focused on as well. For more information on divorce, kindly contact our experienced team.