Divorce Modifications

Law Office Of Lamb & Lamb, P.C. June 3, 2020

Considerable time and effort goes into negotiating the average divorce. Many are surprised that sometimes, months, or even years, afterwards, they discover that it still isn’t quite right. Perhaps an important life event has created new circumstances that make changing a divorce decree necessary. Modifications make a do-over possible, so to speak.

Custody & Visitation

The most common reason to file for a modification is related to the children. However, before filing a modification first consider that what may seem like a great idea to adults may affect a child completely differently. Ask yourself if what you are desiring to change is truly in the best interest of the child or if you are simply making things a bit easier for yourself, or satisfying a desire to upheave your ex-spouse.

If the reason for modification is related to new job hours or relocation, the introduction of new siblings through re-marriage, or perhaps an unexpected health condition has arisen, these would be good reasons to revisit a parenting plan. Significant life changes that result in changes in parenting schedules may indicate a change is needed with corresponding parenting times.

Financial Support

One thing that is certain about life is that rarely is anything certain, including finances. Earnings could drop off or increase. Either circumstance could be temporary or long-term. A medical crisis could create a temporary or long-term hardship. A financial hardship could affect anyone in the family dynamic. A parent providing support who undergoes a hardship may need a modification to lower the amount of support required. A modification that is temporary or long-term can resolve these issues.

Be Properly Represented

If you are in need of a modification to a divorce decree, seek the assistance of a dedicated legal professional. Arrange a consultation to present the unique circumstances of your own family’ story. Find an advocate that will treat you as an individual and not just a case number.