The holiday season can be difficult during a “normal” year but add in a pandemic and marital discord and the recipe is ripe for an extremely stressful and emotionally challenging holiday season. However, you do not need to “just get through” this holiday season and then figure things out. By taking charge of your life and making decisions as to how you want to move forward in your marriage, you can make the holiday season certainly less stressful and depressing. It is the living in “limbo” that is most detrimental to your mental health. Once you decide whether it is to end the marriage and get divorced or to stay in the marriage, that decision allows you to make plans for the future, including this upcoming holiday season. Should your decision be to move forward with divorce, our office is here to assist you in putting that decision into action and thereby allowing you to experience this holiday season in a less stressful and more hopeful manner.

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