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When To Introduce Your New Partner To Your Children In A Divorce

There is no set number of months wherein you must wait in order to introduce a new romantic partner to your child/children.  However, when you separated from your child’s other parent, you and the other parent had time to prepare for the break up/end of the relationship, you may have been discussing it for months or weeks, but your child/children always remained hopeful that his/her parents would stay together.  Thus, your child/children’s lives are changing too.

Your child/children are going from a home with both of the parents to likely residing with one parent and having parenting time with the other parent.  Even if we are sharing the child/children, it is the children who are going between two homes and are dealing with not having the other parent around in the same manner as before.

Ideally the separation will create a healthier environment for your child/children.  However, your child/children do not see it that way, at least initially.  Give them the time necessary for them to process their new lifestyle.  Consequently, it is the best practice to wait to introduce a romantic partner to the child/children until after the divorce or after there is a judgment on the paternity case.  This holds true even if the romantic partner has been known to the child/children as the parent of a friend of theirs.

What happens if the other parent objects to the romantic partner?

Simply stated a lot can happen ranging from nothing to a loss of physical custody by the parent who introduced the romantic partner.

Now, the loss of physical custody is not common but does happen.  Typically, in cases where the romantic partner has a criminal history or allegations that the person abused the child or children.  Do not take this lightly.  No one is worth losing your child/children over and you may be angry with the other parent and see this as more of a revengeful tactic against you but there has to be some substance to their claims otherwise the court would not entertain the change in custody.

Take the time to do a background check on the new romantic partner.  Take time to allow your child/children to adjust to their new life before introducing the new partner. If you have a family law question, please contact our office to discuss your situation with an attorney and learn your best options.

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