“I went to Attorney Lamb in Salem, Massachusetts for a custody/visitation suit, which just ended with my desired outcome a few days ago. I could not be more satisfied with the job Ms Lamb on behalf of myself and my children.

These types of cases are taxing emotionally, physically and financially and Monique was able to reduce much of that damage for my family. Although I was impressed by many factors in Monique’s litigation, I was most calmed by her knowledge of the law and abilities in the courtroom. In my experience Monique was always prepared, always available when I needed her and always ready to take guidance from me, understanding that it was my case and that I was the one who knew these children’s needs the best. I felt that it was a great team effort in that regard. Monique was the 5th attorney in the Salem area and was my immediate choice upon meeting her.

I am currently getting ready for the second stage of the winning physical custody, which is the child support. I would not have anyone besides Monique handle this for me! Her ability to negotiate with other attorneys and her great relationship with those working in the courtroom and sitting on the bench only helps the process.

Monique Boucher Lamb, was an effective, personable, knowledgeable and financially reasonable attorney who I would very much recommend.”

By Amanda – family law client