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Tag: Pre-Nup

Prenuptial Agreements: What They Are And Who Needs One

Prenuptial agreements might have a bad reputation from tabloid accounts of celebrity divorces, but these important legal arrangements are for more than the rich and famous. Nor are prenuptial agreements a statement that a couple plans to divorce or otherwise wants an exit strategy. When done right, a prenuptial agreement can help a couple take stock of their assets and set the stage for efficient and open communication about joint finances, thus strengthening the marriage. In essence, a prenuptial agreement enumerates one or both of

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Avoid Divorce Delays With An Updated Pre-Nup

Contested issues are the most common causes for delays in finalizing a divorce. There is no doubt that by the time a couple has endured the journey of recognizing it is time to end a marriage they are hoping for a legal process that is not excruciatingly lengthy. The most common contested issues are: Child custody Child support Alimony Division of assets Three out of the four most common causes of delay are rooted in money and assets. Is there a way to communicate more effectively and resolve

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