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Tag: Physical Custody

Judge Ordered Mother Primary Physical Custody of Child Due to Father Undermining the Mother

The Parties have three children and the Father was seeking custody of one of the children.  The Father had started to undermine the Mother with this particular child, in that, if the Mother brought the child to school, the Father would subsequently pick the child up and release the child from school early.  This became a pattern of undermining the Mother by the Father and when the Judge reviewed the detailed affidavit of Mother regarding these incidents, the Judge ordered that the Mother should have

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Joint Custody in Paternity Action

Father obtained joint legal and physical custody of his minor child, who was less than 2 years old. Mother and Father were never married. Father initiated a complaint to establish his parenting time. The probation department attempted to resolve the entire case at the hearing on Father’s motion for temporary orders, wherein Father objected and was heard before the Court. By not pre-maturely resolving the case, the Father was able to successfully obtain joint legal and physical custody of his young child. In paternity actions,

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