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Tag: Joint Custody

Co-parenting in the Face of Coronavirus

Amid the spread of COVID-19, we are all facing unprecedented times. As this pandemic continues, regulations regarding safe practices change daily. One thing on the mind of parents sharing custody is whether or not their court order is enforceable. Rest assured, custody, parenting time and visits are in effect and continue to be enforceable during this period of time. The parenting plans are court orders and have not been suspended.  Therefore, the parenting plan should be followed as best as possible. Any parent planning to use the pandemic as

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How do courts determine if relocation of a child to another state during a divorce is acceptable?

In situations where a custodial parent wishes to relocate with a child, the court will determine whether child custody relocation is in the best interests of the child. While a parent is free to relocate out of state themselves without the child or with the permission of the other parent to take the child, the state of Massachusetts requires a judge ruling regarding relocation contested by a parent. Depending on the current custody agreement, the judge has two different processes for determining if relocation is

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Joint Custody Tips: It’s Important to Be Civil

When it comes to child custody, many people agree that joint custody is the best option. After all, it allows the child to spend time with both parents, and it allows both parents to be able to see their child. Plus, it also helps break up the financial cost of taking care of the child, which can make things easier for everyone who is involved. However, there is one important thing that you will need to remember when it comes to a joint custody agreement: being

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Joint Custody in Paternity Action

Father obtained joint legal and physical custody of his minor child, who was less than 2 years old. Mother and Father were never married. Father initiated a complaint to establish his parenting time. The probation department attempted to resolve the entire case at the hearing on Father’s motion for temporary orders, wherein Father objected and was heard before the Court. By not pre-maturely resolving the case, the Father was able to successfully obtain joint legal and physical custody of his young child. In paternity actions,

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