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Divorce Includes Visits and Custody vs. Parenting time

Massachusetts courts are moving away from the custody and visitation model in favor of allotting parenting time. Historically, Massachusetts courts often awarded primary physical custody to one parent, who would have the children reside with them during the school week, with the other parent being awarded ‘visits’ with the children on weekends, holidays and school vacations. In some cases, courts would order that the parents have ‘shared’ physical custody, in which children’s time with each parent would be divided evenly – typically, either by alternating weeks, or

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Three Things You Might Not Know About Divorce In Massachusetts

No one expects to need a divorce, so understandably many people are unfamiliar with the aspects of Massachusetts family law they will have to navigate once divorce proceedings begin. Here are three things you should know about divorce law in MA. Where to file for divorce: If either party lives in the county where they both lived together as a couple, file at that county’s Probate and Family Court. If not, file in the county where you or your spouse currently live. If both parties agree you

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Flexibility and Communication During Your Divorce Process

When you go through a divorce, it will be one of the most difficult and trying times in your life. When you have children involved, it makes the situation much worse. It’s in everyone’s best interest to try to get through the divorce process without conflict, so that everyone involved can move on with their lives, and that your children can adjust to their new normal. Here, we’ll provide you with some tips on how to avoid conflict while settling the terms of your divorce.

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Divorce and Separation Agreements

Divorce is a complicated and emotional endeavor.  Naturally, divorcing parents of young children have additional considerations over childless couples.  The many complexities involved in reaching a desired outcome during a divorce, are weighed according to a number of different factors. In all cases, it is helpful to ask an attorney to draw up a Separation Agreement. A Separation Agreement is a written document that determines how the divorcing parties will handle matters relating to the end of the marriage.  This Agreement can serves to  clarify,

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Divorce and The Length of Your Marriage

When considering divorce, there are many things to consider like property division, child custody, alimony and more, but one important consideration that many couples overlook is the date. In Massachusetts the amount of time you were married might matter in a variety of ways. Here are just a few examples: Dividing Assets Figuring out exactly when a marriage is over can be complicated as some states look at the date of separation, but Massachusetts courts generally refer to the date of divorce. Assets acquired during

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Client Awarded All Pre-marital Assets

Client obtained favorable divorce judgment wherein the Client was awarded all pre-marital assets and the spouse was awarded assets with little present value as that was all the spouse brought to marriage. Client received favorable settlement despite difficulty in evaluating the spouse’s business interest. Client received a disproportionate division of the ascertainable assets to compensate for the difficulty in evaluating precisely the spouse’s business interest.

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Massachusetts Divorce Laws and Requirements

For those looking to pursue a divorce action in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, several factors must be considered prior to the filing of an action with the Probate and Family Court. The legal process of divorce can be complicated; therefore, it is in the best interest of each individual to consider hiring an attorney who focuses on divorce and family law, even if the divorce is considered “uncontested.” Residency Requirements In Massachusetts, the couple must have lived as spouses in the Commonwealth in order to

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