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Our law firm is located in Salem, Massachusetts. Our attorneys serve clients throughout Essex County and the Greater Boston North Shore region including Beverly, Danvers, Lynn, Marblehead, Peabody, Salem, Saugus, Wenham, and more.

Workers Comp Lawyers in Salem, MA

Massachusetts has a comprehensive workers compensation program which is administered by the Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA). With some exceptions, most employees in Massachusetts are eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits in the event they are injured on the job while acting within the scope of their employment. These benefits may include weekly compensation for wage losses due to partial, total, or permanent disability resulting from an injury or illness on the job, as well as medical payments.

Death benefits including funeral expenses are also available to the surviving spouse or children of a deceased worker who dies as a result of a work-related injury or illness. Additionally, a worker may be entitled to benefits due to permanent scaring, or loss of function and use of a body part.

What you need to know

Every workers’ compensation case is different, and the laws and regulations governing these claims can become highly complex. If a case is disputed by the employer’s insurer, it is imperative that an injured employee obtain the services of a qualified attorney. There are many factors involved in resolving these claims and having an attorney who can help you through the process is crucial. Knowing your options and understanding what you may be entitled to can be confusing; having the insurer offer an injured employee a large, lump-sum settlement may sound like a great result, but it may not be the best option if it is expected that long term medical care or treatment is likely.

An injured employee who is covered under Massachusetts workers’ compensation law cannot sue the employer for pain and suffering or seek any other additional recovery from the employer in addition to the workers’ compensation benefits. This does not prevent the injured worker from filing suit against a third party who my have contributed to the injury, such as an at-fault driver in an auto accident, or the manufacturer of defective equipment that may have contributed to the injury.

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There are many large, Boston area law firms that practice Massachusetts workers’ compensation law. However, The Law Office of Lamb and Lamb, P.C. is a small firm where we pride ourselves on personal, individualized attention to our clients. We know our clients by name, not by case number. We don’t take on more cases than we can handle, ensuring we always provide quality service and counsel to our clients.

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