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Child Support Is Your Most Important Financial Obligation

Child support is the most important financial obligation that a person can have.  It is more important than paying your rent/mortgage, your car payment, even your taxes.  Why?  That is simple to answer.  When you do not pay your child support, the other party can file a complaint for contempt.  If you are found guilty of contempt, then the Judge can impose a jail sentence with a specific dollar amount you can pay in order to be released from jail prior to the length ordered

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Coronavirus, Mounting Debt, and Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is federal law that was designed to give debtors a fresh start.  Sometimes good people suffer catastrophic events, loss of jobs, loss of spouse, etc.… that lead to financial hardship and the need for a fresh start.  Sometimes it is more simply stated that one is not able to manage their money and rely on credit cards to supplement their income.  And apparently, sometimes there is a global pandemic that imposes a financial hardship upon you and your family that no one anticipated to

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Co-parenting in the Face of Coronavirus

Amid the spread of COVID-19, we are all facing unprecedented times. As this pandemic continues, regulations regarding safe practices change daily. One thing on the mind of parents sharing custody is whether or not their court order is enforceable. Rest assured, custody, parenting time and visits are in effect and continue to be enforceable during this period of time. The parenting plans are court orders and have not been suspended.  Therefore, the parenting plan should be followed as best as possible. Any parent planning to use the pandemic as

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Parenting time/Visitation Schedules During The Covid-19 Crisis

By Attorney Monique Lamb – With the uncertainty of the current state of affairs the following is some general guidance regarding parenting time/visitation schedules during the Coronavirus pandemic. Clients are worried about not following the court orders regarding parenting time or visitation schedules during the current crisis. It is difficult to follow a court order when your parental instincts is to protect your child/children as much as possible and the news keeps telling you to keep your distance and stay home. That is in addition

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What is a Guardianship?

Guardianship is a legal arrangement that allows one party—whether that be a concerned individual, a lawyer, or even an organization—to make personal and legal decisions on behalf of an individual who is not fully capable of doing so himself or herself. This is in contrast to a conservatorship, which grants the right to make financial decisions and handle the financial assets of an individual who is not able to do so. Where large amounts of money are involved, a conservator is usually appointed alongside a

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ARC vs. GAL vs. Parenting Coordinator

Divorce, even in the most amicable situations, can be difficult for children. When divorce is not so amicable, and courts get involved, this can add to the stress of the situation. A courtroom environment can intimidate children old enough to understand the proceedings and overwhelm children too young to grasp exactly why they are there. Luckily, there are a variety of legally recognized advocates for children available in Massachusetts courts: a guardian ad litem, an attorney-representing-children, and a court-appointed parenting coordinator. 1. Guardian Ad Litem

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The Massachusetts Divorce Process: Know Your Options

The decision to file for divorce is never easy. When the determination has been made, it’s essential to understand the process, which varies by state. To begin the divorce process in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, here are a few things to consider. To file for divorce in Massachusetts, one of the following must apply: (1) you have lived in the state for one year, or (2) the reason the marriage ended happened in Massachusetts, and you have lived in Massachusetts as a couple. You have

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Will I lose my health insurance coverage when my divorce is finalized?

Many families elect to have Group Insurance coverage under a single spouse provided by their employer. This means one spouse is the primary policyholder of a medical insurance plan, and the rest of the family is covered under that one plan. During a divorce, the question arises as to how the other spouse, and children, will be covered by medical insurance. Massachusetts law does allow the dependent spouse to remain on the insured spouse’s private employer-sponsored group plan after divorce and legal separation. However, this

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Prenuptial Agreements: What They Are And Who Needs One

Prenuptial agreements might have a bad reputation from tabloid accounts of celebrity divorces, but these important legal arrangements are for more than the rich and famous. Nor are prenuptial agreements a statement that a couple plans to divorce or otherwise wants an exit strategy. When done right, a prenuptial agreement can help a couple take stock of their assets and set the stage for efficient and open communication about joint finances, thus strengthening the marriage. In essence, a prenuptial agreement enumerates one or both of

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Divorce Facts Every Massachusetts Couple Should Know

Whether you’re anticipating a separation or contemplating divorce, you should know some key information regarding divorce in Massachusetts. Reasons for Divorce There are several permitted grounds for divorce under Massachusetts law. Traditional fault grounds—such as adultery or incarceration—as well as no-fault grounds, are justifiable means for divorce. No-fault grounds describe a faultless but irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. Support Payments Spousal support or alimony payments are the obligations of one spouse to support the other financially for a temporary or permanent basis. Not all divorce

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