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Divorce During Covid-19

We are all tired of hearing how we are living in unprecedented times, that this is extremely difficult, and life is filled with uncertainty. We are all required to essentially remain at home with the people we live with and avoid contact with others. This is a perfect recipe to create friction, tension, fights, and an overall estrangement. This is intensified by the fact that you cannot truly take a break. Couple that with the uncertainty of income and for a lot of people, the sudden transition to homeschooling of child(ren). It is not a far stretch of the imagination to anticipate couples seeking to divorce.

However, if you were not even considering a divorce before Covid-19, then you should not consider it during Covid-19. This is an extremely emotional time for everyone, with stressors coming at each person from multiple directions. The advice from this divorce attorney is that if you fall into the category of someone who would not have contemplated divorce before Covid-19, then you need to hold off until this pandemic passes, then give yourself and your spouse some time to regroup and then reassess whether or not a divorce is your next step.

Now, please do not mistake this as advising that one should not proceed with divorce during Covid-19 under any circumstances. If you were contemplating divorce prior to the Covid-19 pandemic and now everything is much worse, then yes, you should consult with an attorney and explore your options. If you learn something during the Covid-19 pandemic about your spouse, like they were having an affair or were incurring large sums of debts, or have some addiction, then these are a few examples of situations, where you may not have previously thought of divorce, but now you realize that a divorce maybe your next step.

In any circumstance, if you need to speak with an attorney, the Law Offices of Lamb and Lamb are open and available to discuss your situation and give advice specific to you.

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