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Child Support Is Your Most Important Financial Obligation

Child support is the most important financial obligation that a person can have.  It is more important than paying your rent/mortgage, your car payment, even your taxes.  Why?  That is simple to answer.  When you do not pay your child support, the other party can file a complaint for contempt.  If you are found guilty of contempt, then the Judge can impose a jail sentence with a specific dollar amount you can pay in order to be released from jail prior to the length ordered by the judge.  The penalty for not paying child support also can be loss of driver’s license, seizure of bank accounts and tax refunds.

All of the above can have catastrophic results.  If you were sentenced to 30 days in jail with a $1,000.00 purge amount.  Purge is the amount of money you pay in order to be released from jail without servicing the full term as ordered by the judge.  If you do not pay the $1,000.00 then you serve the 30 days in jail.  In the meantime, you have not shown up for work for 30 days and may not have a job to go back to, you also have not earned any additional money and therefore are likely to be falling behind on other bills now as well.

That is why child support is the most important financial obligation.

What happens if you cannot afford to pay the full child support amount each week, in that case, you need to do three things.

  1. Consult with a family law attorney to determine your options.
  2. You need to file a complaint for modification seeking to reduce your child support if there is a difference between the current order and what a new order would be if you applied the current child support guidelines.
  3. You need to make consistent payments for as much as the full order as you can make.  The Court do not look favorably upon people who pay nothing.

If you have questions about your child support order and would like to learn your legal options, please contact our office and speak with us directly.

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