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Appeals Court Ruled In Favor Regarding Division Of Marital Assets

The former husband took the position that since the Alimony Reform Act of 2012 defined the length of marriage as date of marriage to date of service of the summons, that marital assets should be divided in the same manner. Historically assets were valued and divided as of the date of divorce. The former husband appealed the decision of the trial court which followed the historical view of asset division and rejected his assertion that assets should be valued and divided as of the date

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Significant Increase In Child Support

Our client received significant increase in child support after trial despite child residing at college for the majority of the year. Increased child support was retroactive to date of service on Client’s modification.

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Received Order For Unsupervised Parenting Time

Our client received order for unsupervised parenting time and order for significant support after hearing wherein it was alleged that the Client either abused alcohol or prescription medicines and the independent evidence did not support the allegations alleged by the other parent.

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Client Awarded All Pre-marital Assets

Client obtained favorable divorce judgment wherein the Client was awarded all pre-marital assets and the spouse was awarded assets with little present value as that was all the spouse brought to marriage. Client received favorable settlement despite difficulty in evaluating the spouse’s business interest. Client received a disproportionate division of the ascertainable assets to compensate for the difficulty in evaluating precisely the spouse’s business interest.

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Contempt: Reimbursement of Uninsured Medical Expenses

The Parties divorce judgment provided a clear mechanism for which one party who incurred an expense was to be reimbursed for said expenses that were to be shared equally by the parties. The former husband failed to comply with said procedure and thus after hearing on the merits the former wife was not found in contempt and not responsible for the payment of said uninsured expense. The new standard of review in order to be found in contempt is clear and convincing evidence. This is

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What You Should Know About Child Support in Massachusetts

In the event of a divorce, one parent may be ordered by the court to pay child support. Under Massachusetts law, both parents are required to support their children—and this is true regardless of marital status (whether the parents are married, divorced, separated, or were never married). The parent the child lives with a majority of the time is termed the primary custodial parent. The noncustodial parent may be required to pay child support. Child support is complicated, but there are several things you should

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Massachusetts Divorce Laws and Requirements

For those looking to pursue a divorce action in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, several factors must be considered prior to the filing of an action with the Probate and Family Court. The legal process of divorce can be complicated; therefore, it is in the best interest of each individual to consider hiring an attorney who focuses on divorce and family law, even if the divorce is considered “uncontested.” Residency Requirements In Massachusetts, the couple must have lived as spouses in the Commonwealth in order to

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