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Joint Custody Tips: It’s Important to Be Civil

When it comes to child custody, many people agree that joint custody is the best option. After all, it allows the child to spend time with both parents, and it allows both parents to be able to see their child. Plus, it also helps break up the financial cost of taking care of the child, which can make things easier for everyone who is involved. However, there is one important thing that you will need to remember when it comes to a joint custody agreement: being

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Child Support and Parenting Time: How Are They Related?

Massachusetts law determines child custody cases on the basis of the “best interest of the child.” The best interest of the child drives every decision the court makes, including the amount of time the child will spend with each parent (“parenting time”), as well as the amount of child support the non-custodial parent will pay the custodial parent. What is Parenting Time? Parenting time refers to the amount of time the child spends with each parent. Generally, there is a custodial parent, who has physical custody

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Modifying Child Support in Massachusetts: What Are My Options?

The amount of child support you or your ex-spouse pays may have been sufficient when the court made the ruling, but sometimes what worked previously doesn’t work for the long haul. To obtain more child support or lower the amount you pay, you must work with your child’s other parent to do so or have a judge make a new order. As you navigate the child support modification process, you will find the following tips helpful. In determining whether or not a modification is warranted,

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Three Things You Might Not Know About Divorce In Massachusetts

No one expects to need a divorce, so understandably many people are unfamiliar with the aspects of Massachusetts family law they will have to navigate once divorce proceedings begin. Here are three things you should know about divorce law in MA. Where to file for divorce: If either party lives in the county where they both lived together as a couple, file at that county’s Probate and Family Court. If not, file in the county where you or your spouse currently live. If both parties agree you

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Flexibility and Communication During Your Divorce Process

When you go through a divorce, it will be one of the most difficult and trying times in your life. When you have children involved, it makes the situation much worse. It’s in everyone’s best interest to try to get through the divorce process without conflict, so that everyone involved can move on with their lives, and that your children can adjust to their new normal. Here, we’ll provide you with some tips on how to avoid conflict while settling the terms of your divorce.

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Best Interests of the Child: Family Law in Massachusetts

Divorce happens to strong people who are good parents. But, during divorce proceedings, it’s important for the splitting couple to remember that making decisions are for the best interests of the child and not the best interest of the parents. It’s hard for mothers and fathers to avoid selfishness and keep their children all to themselves when there is another parent involved who loves the children and desires to care for them and provide for them as well. That is why the State of Massachusetts uses a

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Paternity and parties live in different states

The Parties were never married. They had three children who had lived primarily with Mother and Father had not seen the children in several years due to Mother who had absconded with the children to another country. Now that Mother and children were in the United States, Father sought and successfully obtained a regular parenting schedule with the children, even though he lived in New York. (Middlesex County)

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Joint Custody in Paternity Action

Father obtained joint legal and physical custody of his minor child, who was less than 2 years old. Mother and Father were never married. Father initiated a complaint to establish his parenting time. The probation department attempted to resolve the entire case at the hearing on Father’s motion for temporary orders, wherein Father objected and was heard before the Court. By not pre-maturely resolving the case, the Father was able to successfully obtain joint legal and physical custody of his young child. In paternity actions,

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Successfully obtained parenting time for a de facto parent

Successfully obtained parenting time for a de facto parent in an underlying equity case in Massachusetts. The alleged father had always been involved with the minor child over several years visiting with the child, providing in a financial manner for the child by paying for activities and necessities for the child. The guardian of the child had stopped contact which led to the filing of the equity complaint and the establishment of parenting time for this de facto parent. (Essex County)

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Custody and Visitation vs. Parenting Time

Most most people think in terms of custody and visitation, when they think of their children. However, the courts are moving away from such terminology because custody denotes possession and control and that is not appropriate when discussing children. The same for visits, one no longer visits with their children but one exercises parenting time. These changes in terminology reflect the courts position of moving from a traditional custodial arrangement (where one parent has custody and the other parent visited once during the week for

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