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Category: Representative Cases

Client Awarded All Pre-marital Assets

Client obtained favorable divorce judgment wherein the Client was awarded all pre-marital assets and the spouse was awarded assets with little present value as that was all the spouse brought to marriage. Client received favorable settlement despite difficulty in evaluating the spouse’s business interest. Client received a disproportionate division of the ascertainable assets to compensate for the difficulty in evaluating precisely the spouse’s business interest.

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Contempt: Reimbursement of Uninsured Medical Expenses

The Parties divorce judgment provided a clear mechanism for which one party who incurred an expense was to be reimbursed for said expenses that were to be shared equally by the parties. The former husband failed to comply with said procedure and thus after hearing on the merits the former wife was not found in contempt and not responsible for the payment of said uninsured expense. The new standard of review in order to be found in contempt is clear and convincing evidence. This is

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