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Business Collection Attorneys – Collecting On Your Judgment

If your business has a judgment against another company who owes you money, you will need the help of an experienced commercial collections attorney to enforce the judgment. Below are some of the ways our collection attorneys can help collect your debt.

  • Your judgment may not be as “cut and dry” as you think. If your judgment is against a company in another state — or, even more so, in another country — you won’t have the legal wherewithal to chase down the debtor without the assistance of an experienced attorney.
  • Your debtor may try evasive tactics to avoid paying what is owed. Your debtor may ignore the proceedings, evade service of process, and/or hide their assets. An experienced attorney will be able to handle each of these challenges for you, and help you recover the money you are owed.
    You may need to obtain ex parte (without notice) relief against your debtor. You won’t know how to do that without the help of an experienced commercial collections attorney.

  • In the “collection world”, the only way an attorney is going to be successful in collecting the client’s debt is to be aggressive, and to let the debtor know that unless they file for bankruptcy the debt will be collected.

While the amount of the debt or the dismal chance of recouping losses may affect a decision to pursue a claim in bankruptcy, professional advice from experienced attorneys in business collections who know the laws of bankruptcy is crucial; contact us to help you evaluate your options. If your business is owed money, we can help. Give us a call or send us an email.

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