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Our Approach and Commitment to Clients

When we select your case…

When we select a case and choose to represent a client it is important for us to establish appropriate and realistic expectations as to the possible direction the case may go and thus, the correlating results. Every case and client are unique in their own way. There simply is no “one-way” to arrive at the desired results or outcome. Strategies are altered and advice changes as each case unfolds and new information presents itself.

All too often, clients begin their legal process with set expectations as to how their case “should go” and what they “should get” in terms of results. Understandably, the legal process is unfamiliar to them and most clients don’t realize the potential unforeseen variables and factors that arise that can change and/or affect the direction of the case.

What you can expect from us

Some attorneys are more interested in signing the client and securing the retainer fee. They provide the advice the client wants to hear and confirms the likelihood of achieving the client’s desired outcome. This is not our practice. Based upon experience and the information provided to us, the attorneys at Lamb and Lamb Law provide realistic advice even when it does not align with our client’s expectations.

At the initial meeting with a potential client, we provide our perspective of your case based upon our experience and the information the client has provided. However, what the attorney does not have at that time is the other sides’ point of view, and any extenuating circumstances. Consequently, as the case progresses and the attorney learns of the other sides’ position and observes the Judges perception of the case, the advice and strategy may change as well as the results.

We work with our clients throughout the entire case and keep them apprised of our progress and any changes. It can often be overwhelming and stressful to a client to remain current with all the twists and turns a case may take. Thus, we focus on the current step in the process keeping the desired outcome in mind. We may not discuss all the possible future discovery requests, depositions to be taken, motions to be filed and trial preparation, that may or may not even occur in the latter steps of your case.

Our commitment to you

Our commitment is to advocate and represent our client to the best of our abilities. We will guide you through the entire legal process and provide thoughtful advice and sound representation at each step. We welcome open communication with our clients and encourage clients to call and email your attorney with questions, concerns, or to get an update on your case. We strive to return all client correspondence within 24-hours. Most of all, we possess an unwavering commitment to represent our client’s best interests at all times.


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