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Appeals Court Ruled In Favor Regarding Division Of Marital Assets

The former husband took the position that since the Alimony Reform Act of 2012 defined the length of marriage as date of marriage to date of service of the summons, that marital assets should be divided in the same manner. Historically assets were valued and divided as of the date of divorce. The former husband appealed the decision of the trial court which followed the historical view of asset division and rejected his assertion that assets should be valued and divided as of the date of service on the divorce summons. The Appeals Court ruled in favor of my Client on this issue and upheld the trial court decision. Thus it has been established that the date of division of marital assets remains the date of divorce and that the Alimony Reform Legislation of 2012 did not redefine the length of the marriage for purposes of the division of marital assets. (Essex County)

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